Films I’ve recently seen/am planning to see

I’ve just finished watching the Apu trilogy, an Indian trilogy directed by Satyajit Ray about a boy growing up, going through the stages of life and how he eventually became a writer and wrote his autobiography which the film was based upon. The trilogy consists of ‘Pather Panchali’ (1955), ‘Aparajito’ (1956) and ‘The World of Apu’ (1959). This director has influenced such directors as Akira Kurosawa and Martin Scorsese. Akira Kurosawa once said “To have not seen the films of Ray is to have lived in the world without ever having seen the moon and the sun.”

Other films I’ve seen recently are ‘Head-On’ (2004), a Turkish-German romance directed by Fatih Akin who also directed ‘The Edge of Heaven’ (2007), another apparently great film. I’ve also seen a documentary about the animal abuse of dolphins and whales in Japan called ‘The Cove’ (2009).

This weekend I’m planning on watching ‘La Haine’ (1995), a French film which portrays hoodlums as the protagonist’s against the incompetent police team. Other films to do with the law/prison which make the supposed bad guys the protagonist’s are ‘The 400 Blows’ (1959), ‘Le Trou’ (1960) and ‘Cool Hand Luke’ (1967)

I’m interested in watching the films of Fritz Lang, especially the murder mystery classic ‘M’ (1931). His films have inspired such directors as Alfred Hitchcock, Luis Buñuel and Orson Welles.

The new Terry Gilliam film is out this weekend, ‘The Zero Theorem’ which I’m looking forward to seeing. He directed the classic ‘Brazil’ (1985), and the underappreciated and overlooked ‘Tideland’ (2005).

I’m really excited about the new Darren Aronofsky film ‘Noah’. I’m a fan of his work and can’t wait to see his interpretation of it. Apparently there’s much more to it than shown in the trailer.

A film I missed in the cinema which I’d really like to see is ‘Blue is the Warmest Colour’.

Other films that have caught my attention are:

‘Salaam Bombay!’ (1988), a gritty realist drama about the slums of India
‘Osama’ (2003), a film about the Taliban
‘Straw Dogs’ (1971)
‘Come and See’ (1985), an extremely realistic Russian war film
‘Woman of the Dunes’ (1964)
‘Tokyo Story’ (1953)